Wavez is the annual techno-cultural festival of the Department of Ocean Engineering at IIT Madras. It involves both Technical and Cultural events and is aimed at increasing the intra-department and inter-department interactions. It is attended by roughly 500 students of IIT Madras and many more across chennai. It is considered as knowledge hub of Naval architecture and ocean engineering field. The festival provides a solid platform for people to learn about our work and develop an interest, also a place for those in our department to pit their skills and knowledge against each other.
|| Wavez 2015 is happening on March 14-15. Kryptx has started. Roboceana problem statement is out. ||

Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, as per the decision of Council of Indian Institute of Technology, established the Ocean Engineering Center of IIT Madras in 1977 based on the recommendation of the committee headed by Dr. Y. Nayudamma. The Department is to act as a Center of Excellence for advancing the frontiers of science and to provide Break-through Technology as well as to develop education and training programs in the field of Ocean Engineering. The Department was created with the following objectives: To create infrastructure and expertise in order to carry out R & D work in areas of Ocean Engineering and related fields, which have direct relevance in the national context. To create educational and research opportunities at graduate and doctoral levels. To extend educational facilities and train the manpower from industry, R & D organizations and other educational institutions in order to enable them to carry out tasks in areas of Ocean Engineering. To collaborate with user organizations on need based problems. Department does consultancy of 1/3 handled by total IIT madras.
Kryptx is an online quizzing event conducted as publicity event; it is an online event which is played by about 200 people all over Tamil Nadu.
  1. 1.It is an online cryptic event, more like an Online Treasure Hunt. The puzzles require some amount of lateral, out of box, pattern matching and lots of Googling.
  2. 2.The event is an individual event.
  3. 3.Participants need to register in Wavez 2015 site to start playing.
  4. 4.The contestants should try to crack the code using regular hints given on the Wavez Facebook page.
  5. 5.In every question the answer will be a word or a meaningful combination of word. Participants need to type the answer in the box provided below the question.
  6. 7.If the answer is correct then they will be proceeded to next level.
  7. 8.The first contestants to complete all the questions will be the winner. If nobody completes all the questions in stipulated time, then the person who completes maximum number of questions will be the winner. In case of a tie, the person who enters the maximum level of completion will be declared the winner.
Click here to play kryptx
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Current statistics

Prize money: INR 3000

Industry Define Problem(IDP)
IDP tests participant’s ability to comprehend the real problems in Ship building Industry. A company is invited to provide a technical problem encountered by their company ranging from Design to Building. The most innovative, practical and economically viable solutions get shortlisted.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Muhd. Anas: 9790468995

Wavez Triathlon involves a series of three challenges where the participant’s practical engineering skills are put to test. The event tests the knowledge of the participants on various aspects of Ocean Engineering, managerial aspects and team work. Being multi-disciplinary event, Triathlon promises to be the perfect platform for the multi-faceted engineers.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
K.V.Suresh Kumar:9791164845, Sandeep: 9884182837, Mohamed Shahin KK : 9884299270

How Structures Fail
How Structures Fail tests the practical engineering skills of the participants by giving them bizarre structural accidents around the world. The participants use their reasoning and rationally construct the scientific principles that lead to these catastrophes. While it seems a little perplexing, just the most fundamental principles are tested. One always goes back richer, intellectually.

Prize money: To be updated.

Contact details:
Akshay S :8682064156,Navaneeth Danda :9940398984

Lectures and Workshops
Ocean Engineering has a diverse range of software for Design, Construction and Hydrodynamics of ships. Wavez has Workshops to provide basic knowledge of these to the participants. Lectures at Wavez have always been from innovators and successful engineers from the field of Naval Architecture and Ocean engineering.

Contact details:
Muhd. Anas :9790468995. Visit our Facebook page

Open House
The Department of Ocean Engineering has always witnessed advancement andinnovations in Ocean Technology, and Open House serves as a medium to exhibit these scientific developments to enthusiastic school and college students and various industry professionals. Open House gives a glimpse into the on-going projects and the world class research facilities at the department.

Contact details:
Nikhila Kandimalla: 9790464960, Febin CP: 9087863505.

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt is an exciting, hands-on and outdoor event that ignites memories of adventure. Treasure Hunt is a picture of fun and camaraderie, giving the visitors plenty to brood over and laugh about at the same time. Participants come in teams, and the hunt stretches from noon to night.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Kishore: 9489742148, Febin CP: 9087863505.

Gamedrome is an event for all the gamers out there; professionals, amateurs and part-timers alike. There is a great lineup of games like FIFA, Counter Strike and Need For Speed for a complete package of fun, adrenaline rush and cash prizes making it a huge attraction stretching over the entire festival.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Aneesh Salelkar:9176493307, H Arjun:9789014149

Wavez Quiz
Wavez Quiz is one of the most exciting and anticipated events in Wavez. Every year people squeeze their grey matter to get on top. This year it is back with new questions and exciting buzzer rounds. New rounds like Movies, G.K, Music and Politics are also introduced. Wavez quiz puts in an exciting experience for the participants to dive in. Quizzing enthusiasts not only from IIT Madras but also from different colleges in and around Chennai participate in the event making it a fierce battle ground.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Noel Augustin : 9566254924, Amal dev :9940233419

Project X
Project X is a challenging event which tests the creativity and resourcefulness of the participants. The event is about solving innovative problems using basic everyday materials. This is a test of enthusiasm and craftsmanship of the participants. The amusement of the participants on what they can do with little and daily life objects is a sight to see.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Nuthakki Tony Anoop :9791483921, Pandiri Om Shanthi :9566242429.


Marine Cleanup
Marine Clean-Up is a conservation initiative of Wavez. The Shoreline Clean-Up encourages people across Chennai to remove shoreline litter to help create healthy waters for everyone, including the wildlife and communities that depend on them. About 100 people from Ocean Engineering Department remove litter on the Shore line of Chennai Beach.

Daily Events
Daily Events is a collection of puzzles, crosswords and other brain teasers that keep the attendees engrossed throughout their presence at the fest, covering the two days that Wavez is conducted. Everyone at the fest is seen racking their brains over these little pieces of intriguing puzzles, having their bit of enjoyment. This event would see the maximum participation, providing a great avenue for publicity for the sponsors and their brands.

Roboceana is the flagship event of Wavez. The event is a unique combination of Robotics and Aquatics. The participants are expected to prove their skills in circuits, motors and maneuvering, and the one with the magic touch takes it all. This year it’s back with a brand new problem statement, deadlier problems and the ultimate showdown.

Click here to view Roboceana problem statement.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Lakshmi Priya Poyalil :9176484371, Joel Jose Varghese :9790463906, Rouzif Rasheed :9884180096

Kryptx is an online quizzing event. It involves solving puzzles and patterns using clues and logical thinking, a true mind boggling experience. The clues for these puzzles are put up on the Wavez Facebook page on a regular basis. Kryptx extends till the final day of Wavez.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Shameem Shereef :9444802357.

Marketing Mantra
For the first time ever, Wavez is introducing its own Business event called Marketing Mantra. The participants are asked to produce practical and financially viable marketing strategies for the product mentioned in the problem statement.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Amal dev :9940233419

Splash is a painting competition where people of all age groups participate to discover the Picasso in them. Being an event where there are no boundaries for imagination, Splash attracts not only the participants but also a huge audience making it a major cultural event of Wavez.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Yemineni Sai Chandana:9677183322, Srikanth Londadi :9789080082.

Free Style Solo
Free Style Solo is a dance competition where dancers from different colleges showcase their talent. The audience witness an exciting dance battle where the participants go neck to neck to come on top. The participation is immense, not only from IIT Madras but also from colleges in and around Chennai. It promises fun to all the visitors in Wavez.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:
Maria Thomas :9940516622, Kothuri Lakshmi Ravali:9710291142.

Free Style Solo
Online T-shirt Design is an event where the participants are given the task of designing shirts for Wavez with a specific theme. The creativity of the participants is put to test and the best design is selected to represent Wavez.

Prize money: To be updated

Contact details:

For any sponsorship queries, please contact Shyam Arjun(9884684495) or Sakshi Nagori(9884300597)

Reaching IIT Madras
From Chennai Central Station:
Catch 18B or 19S buses to Gandhi Mandapam/IIT Madras or take 1LSS, 4LSS, 6LSS, 6A to Adyar and from the Adyar signal you can get to IIT easily by bus.

From Airport:
Catch the bus PP21 to IIT Madras or 21G to Gandhi Mandapam
From Egmore Station:
Catch 23C which is direct bus to IIT Madras. Or take any one of 23E, 23A or 23G to Adyar from where there are number of buses to IIT Madras.

From CMBT:
Catch the bus PP21 to IIT Madras or 21G to Gandhi Mandapam.
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